Welcome to DATA MANAGEMENT UNIT - “ Access to Data to get Successful result ”
         Data Management Unit is a component of ICRISAT’s Knowledge Sharing & Innovations (KSI) program to mainstream, support, manage research data preservation and publication across the institute, covering all the location and thematic program area. It provides central data repository with decentralized data.

         Data Management Unit develops/ outsource data management applications tool with user friendly suite of work flow and protocols that facilitates research data storage and open access. It also designs and develop methods to assure the scientific staff and management of the non-violability, official integrity and security of data preserved.
         Data Management Unit works on awareness creation among all scientists & support staff on the importance of data management by organizing training program, workshops and capacity building activities to bring in cultural shift at the institute level for open data access and sharing; maximizing the value of research data generated across the research programmes at ICRISAT.
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